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The NAHB International Builders‘ Show Orlando, Florida February 8-11, 2012

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IBS 2012 Dealer Drive:
IBS 2012: Move Forward with Enertia®- Restart American Housing with Innovation

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December 2011- The housing industry has all but come to a halt. And it can’t be restarted with the ‘Same Old - Same Old’ houses as the market is flooded with them - many as bargain-basement foreclosures. We don’t have to wait for this overstock of houses to play out - we can learn from history.
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America has been in this boat before. In 1919-20 unemployment was high and the housing industry was all but dead.  America was in the Post War Depression- some say it was worse than the Great Depression of the 1930‘s. Still, quietly in the background, great innovations in housing were taking place.

How did American hear of these innovations? Through the most widely circulated periodical of that time: their Sears Roebuck Catalog. Americans did what Americans do- they started dreaming. There were plenty of houses, but these
Modern new houses were different. They had indoor plumbing, electricity, refrigerators, washing machines, hot water on-demand, radios and vacuum cleaners. They were “Machines for Living,” essentially devices that would make families daily lives easier and more efficient. The new houses were “Life Changing”- think iPhone of the 1920’s.
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For the first time small residential homes were "Designed," and the Sears Homes defined the housing styles we have today. Thousands of families marked Sears catalogs with their favorite
House-in-a-Kit, and when the economy turned, almost overnight with the election of Warren Harding in November 1920, they went forward to build them. It was the start of the Roaring Twenties, and housing was the kicker.
History shows housing leads the economy both into, and out of, recessions. And often there is a “tipping point” as was the 1920 election, with the biggest landslide in Presidential history. Early into the Roaring Twenties unemployment was down to 3.3% as construction, with all its related jobs and suppliers, re-started.
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Now, back to 2012.  Enertia® proposes, in 2012, to Restart the Housing Industry, and the economy, with housing innovations equivalent to, or greater than the 1920's, and just as as  Life Changing. Houses that heat and cool naturally, without fuel or electricity. Houses that can resist the tornados, floods, and earthquakes that have occurred more and more frequently. Houses unlike the world has seen before, based on new inventions, innovative technology, and exciting new architecture. Houses unique enough that many families will want to leave their “Same Old-Same-Old” and start anew - led by early adopters like yourself, the Enertia® Builder/ Dealer, who as they say in housing, sees a ‘ground floor’ opportunity.
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We want to get Americans dreaming again, this time not through their Sears catalog, but through a network of Enertia® Dealers with Model Homes where they can see, feel, and experience the difference in life and lifestyle that comes from living in a Modern Marvel.

Houses Will Never be the Same- A New Approach to Living, Energy, and Building

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*     The First, and most important, innovation is the Enertia® mind-set:  that your house should take care of you- not the other way around. With violent weather, economic unrest, and unreliable and costly fuel and electricity- your house may someday save your life. As shelter and investment- your house must work for you- not just sit there and look pretty. It should keep you warm or cool as needed, and provide your electricity, all as if you were suddenly cut off from the grid and the grocery store- as happened last fall with the East Coast hurricane and October blizzard in New England.
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*      The Second innovation is our approach to energy efficiency- totally different from "super-insulation and tightness." It is a new concept- made possible by a patented new technology that stores solar energy in the very wood of the structure itself.  The award-winning design is such that the house itself becomes a heat pump- based on the thermal differentials between the south and north side. No fuel or electricity is required.
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*     The Third innovation is the building technique itself. The walls are built with solid numbered Tongue-and-Groove gluelams, not studs and nails. When each element is secured with our self-drilling fasteners, you are done. Your principle tool is a high-torque electric drill, because this is the most extensively pre-cut and milled wall system in history. Electric box locations and wire chases, window and door openings, and roof slopes are all in place. Because the walls are solid- the house is inherently stronger in storms and earthquakes, and way more fire-resistant than stick framing. The gluelams are of 100% renewable SFI certified wood- making this the ultimate in Green construction.
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*      The Fourth innovation-our distribution system-we cannot take credit for. Enertia® Homes are pre-cut, numbered kits- just like the Sear Roebuck Homes that restarted housing and the economy in the Roaring Twenties. 
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With all the must-have innovations in electronics and communications and transportation, housing seemed left behind. Until the Enertia® Building System. Our innovations are not small changes or gadgets. They are a totally new, thinking-out-of-the-box way to build, and live. Enertia® Homes are not only a new approach to energy, and a new approach to building, they are a new Form of Architecture. Their potential to change the world is so historic that in 2007 the History Channel named Enertia® Homes a Modern Marvel
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As an Enertia® home owner you can make this new architecture the focus of your daily life, applying its safety, security, and self-sufficiency to your own families life. As an Enertia® Dealer, you can be ahead-of-the curve in your community, and make your living with a stronger, better, life-changing product you believe in, one that is is unique in all the world. 
It’s the most exciting thing in housing that most Americans have never hear of. Had you? Despite our recognition in the consumer media we have found that most builders don’t know this technology even exists. Since IBS is a Builders Show, we intend to change all that. With your help we are ready to move from a kit web-marketed to Do-it-Yourselfers- to a high-end innovative professionally-built residence, home office, energy producer, and survival shelter.

That is your job, and opportunity, as an Enertia Dealer - to show with your model home that this incredible innovation is normal, attractive, and affordable. You will know you made the right decision come the first extreme hot or cold spell, and/ or power-outage. You must be the pillar of your community for innovation, renewable and sustainable building, and preparedness for what's coming. The very construction of your model will be local news, and your open houses will be traffic stoppers- because this house makes sense, and people can see it, feel it, and experience it. You can be a part of the new housing revolution that restarts our industry, and the American economy.
You don’t have to wait until IBS 2012 to apply for your Enertia® Dealership and exclusive territory. Contact us now with your ideas, and the market area you want to reserve. Visit our Builder/ Dealers page, and contact us at enertia@mindspring.com .