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Meridian is Enertia's first Standard Model with a Modernist design. This design captures the simple, elegant beauty of modernism while retaining the heating and cooling features of the award-winning Enertia® Building System.
MD 3248
2412 + 1536 bsmt
The Meridian is a large, 3-4 bedroom, two-story home.
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    Meridian - South
    Meridian - East
    Meridian - North
    Meridian - West
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    Meridian - Main Level
    Meridian - Lower Level
    Meridian - Lower Level
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    The South features a full two stories of windows, making this a good choice for a level site in a cold climate.
    Meridian - Southwest View
    Depending on the site, the main entry can be on the North, as shown here, or on the South.
    The Enertia Concept, developed in the late 1980s and refined for years, requires an attic - a feature absent in Modernist homes. Enertia solved the problem by designing in a pitched attic in the upper back corner of the upstairs bedroom closets. This completes the convection air-loops that are the hallmark of Enertia® design, and it is not visible from the outside or inside.
    Meridian - Cross-Section
    The modern styling of the Meridian is especially inviting when lit at night.
    Meridian at Night
    The stairs are in the Sunspace in the Meridian.
    Meridian Interior