ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem


For volume projects, or high volume territories, we can develop new models or a specific building system for a unique climate, appearance, or style- and spec your local factory layout and machinery for its production.

We have different combinations of species, and thickness of laminations to achieve local preferences in exterior and interior appearance, or to meet local heat or cooling loads. Or thicker to build multi-story buildings. Wall elements can be assembled in the plant for crane-set buildings.

Even a single project of 200 or more houses can justify an onsite plant with CNC machinery. Watch the CNC machinery cut a house.
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A solid wood high-rise? - see one in London

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Even curved elements are possible with in-house lamination and milling.
The thermal properties of local wood can be enhanced, and a balsa layer added for a natural thermal break.
Contact us for possibilities of licensing a custom Enertia Building System. The Enertia® name is known world-wide and stands for innovation, environmental materials, and natural processes.
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