ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem
Enertia Home packages are material heavy. We use only the highest quality lumber, certified by SFI, and laminated to order specifically for us. So there is not a lot of room for discounts.

But there are specific situations where our costs are legitimately lower, and we can pass lower costs on to you.
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  1. Multiple identical packages ordered at the same time. If you are building a resort, or housing development, or are even a group of neighbors, or family- you can take advantage of a 10-25% discount on two or more identical homes ordered at the same time. These must be off the same cut chart, and have the same options. If house one has an attached garage, the others must also. There may be transportation savings as well- some kits are 1 and 1/2 truck (meaning two) so sending two houses to the same site can be done on three trucks.
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  1. Orders of three or more packages where one will remain open by appointment as a model home. This "model" can be your own personal residence or office. The discount will vary, and will be greater in larger homes and in high-potential areas such as Aspen, CO or Park City, UT which require larger, more feature-filled homes.
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CANCELLATIONS: Rarely, but occasionally, customers will cancel an order, usually for personal or family crisis reasons. Call us to see if anything is available. Discounts will vary with how far along the production was at cancellation.
If your package requires a partially-filed final truck, you can save by purchasing needed subfloor lumber at lower North Carolina prices and filling out the truck space.
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