ENERTIA   HOMES No Fuel? No Power? .......No Problem
Climate Change Provides it’s Own Solution
Out-of-the-box innovation to use the effects of Climate Change, to fight Climate Change
ENERTIA® is a GreenTech company located in the Research Triangle area of eastern North Carolina, which is also America’s Ground Zero for hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding. We have developed working practical solutions to an existential world problem: building homes and buildings to survive climate change, without contributing to climate change, by using the cause and effect of climate change- in our innovative award-winning technology.

In this process we identified and named a new source of energy: Enertia®-Energy from a-shift-in-time. To use Enertia® to heat and cool houses without fuel or electricity we created a new form of Architecture: Double-Shell self-sufficient mass-timber houses that heat and cool by natural geothermal convection, and are strong enough that they won’t go into the atmosphere and ocean as debris during the inevitable hundreds-of-storms during their thousand year life.
The Greenhouse Effect: It is what’s warming Earth- we use a miniature version of it to heat our houses, all of which have an artificial earth-like atmosphere, complete with internal trade winds, and buffered by geothermal energy.
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Devastation of Forests by Hurricanes: Pine trees lost during 2016 Hurricane Michael (1.4 million acres of trees ) could provide enough wood to build 140,000 storm-resistant Mass Timber Enertia® Homes. We can use wood stressed by wind damage since we use it in compression, not in tension like conventional homes. And we could build them for less than conventional if we had enough mobile sawmill processors in place.
Increased CO2: The increased CO2 in the atmosphere just makes our 100% renewable material, Southern Yellow Pine, grow faster. Right now the board-feet of SYP used in one of our houses regrows in less than 28 seconds. The forest products industry replants at a rate of four trees-to-one, so we will not run out. And more trees will convert more of the CO2 into Oxygen by photosynthesis.
Atmospheric, Land and Ocean Pollution: In America, after our heating systems (gas and electric) and cooling systems (all electric), the major source of pollution from houses is the debris from storm damage, and from the later gutting of homes of sheetrock and insulation, and pressboard siding destroyed by the subsequent flooding. You can still see mountains of sheetrock beside rural side roads from houses gutted after Florence, and later storms which came so fast that homes being rebuilt had to be gutted again. Yellow and pink fiberglass can still be seen in the trees. What went into the ocean has since sunk to the bottom and may be ingested by fish and by sea life. The new plastic house wrap, used to make conventional homes air-tight, is among the biggest culprits.
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Climate Change Solutions:

American technology has a reputation for solving existential problems. The Climate effect of buildings is one of the easier ones. Architecture 2030 presents it graphically(right).
The Enertia® Building System, self-heating and self-cooling, without pollution, if employed worldwide, would take the Grey 72% down to 12%, essentially LED lighting. The Enertia® Building System, because it is 100% renewable, and Carbon Negative, would eliminate the orange 28% with our Negative Carbon offsetting the embodied carbon of the wood planting and harvesting.
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None Greater: There is no greater activity that an individual or family can do for the environment than to build and live in an Enertia® Home. By building it you sequester about 60,000 pounds of carbon in the form of wood. In its lifetime, in a climate like Minnesota, a self-heating Legacy Enertia® home will prevent the release the of 8 millions pounds of CO2. It will be built once, not over-again every 50 years like a conventional stick-framed house. In the event of a tornado, flying debris will be minimal. When you are off-the-grid there is no purchased electricity, or power-plant electric pollution, ever. It can even provide free power for charging your electric car.
Why Suffer. Improve your quality of life, and improve the Planet:

Other Climate Change solutions seem to involve suffering: drive less, eat less, sort your trash, drink your coffee cold, don’t use straws. This one improves your quality of life - and that of the next 19 generations. Leave your door open while bringing in the groceries in January - your Enertia® home stores the heat in the structure, not the air. No fuel, no power, you will not freeze. Vicious climate storm - your Enertia® home will protect your and your possessions. Global warming - run it it the cooling mode more often. Global cooling - run it in the heating mode more. It’s your choice, your good judgement, to your benefit, and your beneficial effect on the environment. A thousand times more beneficial than the sacrificial solutions.

ENERTIA®: Always a wise decision and a wise environmental investment.

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We do not know which way the climate will go, so we have developed one design which will cover both Global Warming, and Global Cooling. The homeowner simply operates the house differently:
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