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The Arcadia models are all one-story on a basement with lots of architectural style. If they look two-story it’s because the owners have purchased our matching Lower South Walkout front. The popular Arcadia towers can also be added, as an option, to other models.

Arcadia optimizes space and volume in a small Enertia home by placing the stairway in the sunspace. The Arcadia home packages are our most affordable and simplest to assemble. Despite the small size, Arcadia has many innovative features such as a step-down entry and a dormer sunspace, and is a visually interesting home. Each of the Arcadia models can be built as shown or in mirror-image, and there is an alternative South walk-out elevation for each. Because these designs have been optimized so that each feature serves a specific purpose in maintaining the value and economy of the package, there will be no design changes to the Arcadia models.
Arcadia 3236+4 1052 + 1014 bsmt 2
Arcadia 3248+4 1536 + 1410 bsmt 2

The home pictured on the right is an Arcadia 3236 built on a South facing hillside in Southern California.
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    Arcadia 3236+4 - South
    Arcadia 3236+4 - East
    Arcadia 3236+4 - North
    Arcadia 3236+4 - West
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    Arcadia 3236+4 - Main Level
    Arcadia 3236+4 - Lower Level
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    Arcadia 3248+4 - South
    Arcadia 3248+4 - East
    Arcadia 3248+4 - North
    Arcadia 3248+4 - West
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    Arcadia 3248+4  - Main Level
    Arcadia 3248 +4 - Lower Level